Sansom Equipment’s extensive line of pump products include self-priming centrifugal pumps, standard centrifugal pumps, submersible pumps, trash pumps, priming assisted pumps, and rotary gear pumps. In addition, Gorman-Rupp manufactures a complete line of state-of-the-art packaged lift stations and booster stations that include pumps, motors, controls, piping, accessories and enclosures

  • Self-Priming and Standard Centrifugal
  • Vertical Turbine / Cantilever
  • Fire
  • Positive Displacement
  • Water Booster
  • Submersible
  • Low Pressure Sewer
  • Packaged Sewage Pump Stations
  • Vacuum Pumps & Systems
  • Gorman Rupp / Flowserve / Demming / Cornell / Vanton / Hevvy (Toyo) / Börger

    • Wet prime or prime assisted
    • Water / Wastewater / Slurry 1/2″ to 36″
    • ANSI
    • Boiler feed
    • Chemical
    • Oil and Gas

  • Flowserve / Byron Jackson / Demming

    • Pumps to 36″ diameter and 30,000gpm
    • Various materials of construction

  • Patterson / Gorman Rupp

    • Diesel, Gasoline, PTO or electric driven
    • Vertical, in-line or hoizontal configuration
    • Engineered packaged systems
    • Controls and automatic transfer switches

  • Monoflo (Moyno) / Penn Valley / Wastecorp / Warren Rupp / Gorman Rupp / Flowserve / Börger

    • Progressive cavity
    • Diaphragm and plunger
    • Rotary Gear and lobe

  • Grundfos / Patterson

    • Engineered packages and controls

  • Flowserve / Gorman Rupp / Landia / Hevvy (Toyo) / Grundfos / Barnes / Tsurumi

    • Deep Well
    • Dewatering / Sewage / Solids Handling / Slurry
    • Chopper / Grinder

  • Environment One (E-one)

    • Semi positive displacement
    • Engineered systems
    • Aftermarket grinder pumps
    • Explosion proof
    • Residential and commercial

  • Gorman-Rupp / Flowserve / Barnes

    • Packaged sewage pumping stations 2″ to 12″
    • Self-priming and submersible.
    • Wet pit / Dry pit.
    • Engineered packaged pump stations.
    • Above ground valve packages.

  • Flowserve-SIHI

    • XBAR
      The XBAR System is a factory assembled base-mounted liquid ring vacuum pump package utilizing all the features of a liquid ring vacuum pump, and offering either once through or partial recirculation
    • LEM
      The LEM close coupled liquid ring vacuum pump series offers the ultimate in multi service robust simplicity manufactured in North America.
    • LPH
      The SIHI “LPH” series liquid ring vacuum pumps are reliable pumps that can be used in a variety of applications. The vacuum pumps have one moving part, the impeller and shaft assembly, and no internal metal to metal contact. The “LPH” series are available in a single stage (low to medium vacuum) and two stage (medium to high vacuum) configurations for optimum performance.
    • Custom Packages
      SIHI Pumps is a world leader in liquid ring technology, and can supply a wide range of vacuum and compressor package systems for many industries and applications. These package systems are engineered, designed, assembled, and tested by our own skilled team of engineers and craftsman, for single source responsibility. The system packages can be built to all National and International Code requirements, from general industrial to lethal service. In addition to the liquid ring technology, SIHI can supply all forms of gas technology to offer the best solutions for our customers. The range of our supply can include rotary lobe blowers, steam ejectors, condensers, dry pumps, dryers, separators, instrumentation, control panels, etc.