Pump Specials In Truro Inventory

Sansom are a stocking distributor on most pump lines, currently we have some pumps that we can offer great savings on. We Have:

1- Prominent DELTA pump model DLTA 1020NPB chemical feed pump 19.1 L/hr @ 10 bar

1- Prominent GALA1602NPB9 with autodegassing head 1.4 L/Hr @ 17.5 bar

Both pumps are suitable for sodium hypochlorite as well as other chemicals.

Also in stock are a variety of Warren Rupp Sandpiper air diaphragm pumps in 1/4″ to 3″ with metallic and non-metallic materials. Call your rep today to save some dollars on this off-the-shelf units.

Gorman Rupp For The Long Haul

After approximately 45 years of involvement with Gorman Rupp Pumps we thought it was time to add a little info on what we are doing and how things are going. The GR T Series self priming pumps have been out there operating in the municipalities and industrial plants for many years and certainly have been operated at very low cost. With the Nova Scotia guidelines and NS Power requiring all submersible pump stations to be explosion proof, above ground GR pumps have certainly become more popular. We have all kinds of advantages to offer, here are a few:

No requirement to meet explosion proof regulations

Standard NEMA frame high efficiency motors, low cost replacement compared to explosion proof submersible pumps

Quick and easy install with packaged fiberglas enclosures that include pre-wired electrical, piping etc.
Inexpensive parts replacement, ease of maintenance at your own shop

Takes confined space entry out of the picture

We have hundreds of successful installations in Atlantic Canada and are willing to help you today with your application for a new station or refit of an existing, call us today.

See below for the new and the old, out with the submersible, in with the GR Self primers.


Krohne Radar Level Control

Level control in water/waterwater is very important and Krohne has a solution for all of your liquid or dry powder measurement. Whether it be foam in a wastewater plant, lime in a silo or simply level monitoring in a tank, we can do it for you with our ultra sonic and radar level controls. Ove the next few weeks we will be posting sample applications, call or email us if you see anything that interests you. Click on the attachment below to view an application on foam.
Foam Control with Krohne radar level device

Neptune Drip Card – Facts about Leaks

When you have a dripping tap, a leaking toilet or a leaky shower head, did you ever wonder how much water you “WASTE” ? Have a look at the drip card PDF below and head for the hardware store as quick as you can to get your repair kits, especially if you are being metered for your water. You will see a huge difference in the bill. Water is a precious item, lets not waste it. For more information on water usage or Neptune products, drop us a line or give one of our branches a call.
Drip Card

Krohne introduces Optiwave 6300 C

If you have an application where the atmosphere is dusty and dirty that really presents a challenge for level monitoring and control you should be looking at the Krohne Optiwave 6300C. This unit is ideal for silo’s that have this environment like concrete plants, lime storage silos and tanks that are used to store powder materials. The Optiwave uses FMCW (frequently monitored continuous wave) radar technology that gives you great dynamic range. Measuring funnel shaped silos that narrow at the bottom in not a problem, dust and non reflective surfaces, also not a problem.
Optiwave 6300 Tech specs:

  • Radar level meter for solids applications
  • 2 wire FMCW  24….26 GHz radar
  • Continuous non-contact level measurement
  • Specifically designed for measuring solids
  • Basis version with DN80 drop antenna measures up to a height of 30m.
  • Also available with DN150 drop antenna for measuring range up to 80m

Call us today to solve your measurement problems with the Krohne 6300


Prominent PROSIP Chem Skid

Are you tired of leaking chemicals in your treatment plants or chemical rooms? Prominent has produced the PROSIP wall mounted chemical skid with a 3 year leak free warranty. The skids are available in simplex and duplex configuration and can be supplied with or without the pumps. Your current GALA, DELTA and SIGMA pumps can be mounted on the new PROSIP. the skid is complete with calibration column, backpressure and pressure relief valves, isolation valves and pressure gauge and isolator. The pre-piped system is pre-assembled on a wall mounted backboard and piped with schedule 80 PVC. All isolation valves, BP valves and PRV’s are true union connections for easy maintenance. The skids are available in materials suitable for the following chemicals:

  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Hydrochloric Acid
  • Citric Acid
  • Alum
  • CIP and cleaning chemicals (foamers, sanitizers, enzymes)

The skids are also available with optional junction boxes and flow monitors factory installed and wired plus they are available for immediate shipping from stock in Canada.

Put your faith in a Prominent skid, you won’t be sorry. Don’t risk ending up with a skid that has not been factory assembled and tested, with the PROSIP system you have a skid that has been built by the leaders in the chemical feed industry worldwide, Prominent Fluid Controls and has been certified leak free from the factory for 3 years. Sansom Equipment not only sell the skid to you but provide parts, service and training for years to come. Contact us today.

ProMinent ProSIP Brochure

GA Industries 5000 Series Control Valves

5450 Pressure Reducing ValveSansom is pleased to announce the introduction of the GA Industries 5000 Series Control valves to our valve offerings. This is a great compliment to the GA plug valves, check valves, air release valves and control valves we already offer under this product line. GA 5000 series have the following types of valves available immediately in sizes from 2″ to 8″:

  • Series 5400 Pressure reducing valves
  • Series 5600 Pressure relief/sustaining valves
  • Series 5300 Altitude valves
  • Series 5700 Solinoid valves
  • Series 5500 Float valves
  • Series 5800 Surge Anticipator valves
  • Series 5900 Ratio of flow valves
  • Series 5200 Emergency cut-in valves

The GA Series 5000 valves feature heavy duty ductile iron body and cover, NSF-61 fusion bonded epoxy coating, nylon reinforced buna N diaphragm, “no lead” internal components, conforms to AWWA C530 for pilot operated control valves and have stainless steel fasteners. With over 115 years of experience in the control valve industry, you can guarantee the quality will be second to none.

GA Industries have application engineers available for specific customer application requests. For more information contact your local sales rep.