GA Industries 5000 Series Control Valves

5450 Pressure Reducing ValveSansom is pleased to announce the introduction of the GA Industries 5000 Series Control valves to our valve offerings. This is a great compliment to the GA plug valves, check valves, air release valves and control valves we already offer under this product line. GA 5000 series have the following types of valves available immediately in sizes from 2″ to 8″:

  • Series 5400 Pressure reducing valves
  • Series 5600 Pressure relief/sustaining valves
  • Series 5300 Altitude valves
  • Series 5700 Solinoid valves
  • Series 5500 Float valves
  • Series 5800 Surge Anticipator valves
  • Series 5900 Ratio of flow valves
  • Series 5200 Emergency cut-in valves

The GA Series 5000 valves feature heavy duty ductile iron body and cover, NSF-61 fusion bonded epoxy coating, nylon reinforced buna N diaphragm, “no lead” internal components, conforms to AWWA C530 for pilot operated control valves and have stainless steel fasteners. With over 115 years of experience in the control valve industry, you can guarantee the quality will be second to none.

GA Industries have application engineers available for specific customer application requests. For more information contact your local sales rep.